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1. Composed Nature

composed nature

In a a Dutch polder forest, 64 beech trees have been equipped with shaking electric motors, controlled by dimmers. By shaking the trees, you hear the leaves rustle. more...


2. Workshop Berlin

Composed city has started with a with a collective sound work, exhibited at the Berlin festival Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation on the 4th and 5th July 2008. Go to sound works / programme / location


3. Yokomono Pro

Yokomono-Pro is a car horn concert performed by vehicles moving through a city. Each city and each type of vehicle has its own tone and each combination results in a different concert. more...


4. Acoustic landscape Dordrecht


5. Master class Rotterdam


A one-day master class has been organised for the participants of Indesem '09, an international design seminar organised by TU Delft. more...


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