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Workshop Berlin: Sound works

Fly Paper / Grill Cantor / Kikkit / Metal Containers / Playback / Riffelschiene / Silent Neighbours / Tongue Squash


Grill Cantor

Sociacoustics --- The Wriezeren Freiraum is a free space, one activity that the Berliners associate with freedom is grilling. Only a limited number of parks in the city allows people to enjoy this freedom; Since the Wriezener Freiraum should be one of them, a special type of stone tone-grills is developed for this place. When the coals burn, hot air is lead through a revolver-construction of low whistles; this allows the griller to choose the tone. When several grills are used at the same time, a harmony of whistling grills can be heard, luring the people from the neighbourhood into the park.


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