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Workshop Berlin: Sound works

Fly Paper / Grill Cantor / Kikkit / Metal Containers / Playback / Riffelschiene / Silent Neighbours / Tongue Squash


Metal containers

When you put your ear to a conch shell, it stills sounds like its original source, even when far removed from the sea. So what do the vessels formerly inside the techno club Berghain sound like?
The installation brings the six metal containers on the Wriezener Freiraum into a constant rhythm. Using electronically controlled mechanisms, the upright vessels are used as instruments in a free running composition.
Motors and hammers sound the metal containers and modified vacuum cleaners blow through the pipes of the vessels via mouth pieces. The tanks lying a distance away are meanwhile filled with a constant 4/4 bass drum which pumps away alongside the whole composition. Check pictures from the exhibition on 4th and 5th of July 2008 here.


Emad Parandian / Su-Ann Goh / Christian Schultz


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