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Workshop Berlin: Sound works

Fly Paper / Grill Cantor / Kikkit / Metal Containers / Playback / Riffelschiene / Silent Neighbours / Tongue Squash


Tongue squash

Behind the Lockschuppen, the empty building is used as a large resonation box. A series of giant wooden tongue drum boxes is hung on the empty walls, resembling large paintings in an exhibition room. Squash players are invited to play these instruments, and to make a composition. The squash game is pleasure to listen to on its own: the movement of the feet, the “Kiai” shouting of the players, the whooshing racket. The tongue drums invite the sportsmen to play them; they add a tonal layer to the composition and become a part of the game. Check pictures from the exhibition on 4th and 5th of July 2008 here.



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