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Workshop Berlin: Sound works

Fly Paper / Grill Cantor / Kikkit / Metal Containers / Playback / Riffelschiene / Silent Neighbours / Tongue Squash



“Kikkit” is an interactive installation combining sound art and architecture. It consists in the transformation of the perceived sound and space of the sports court of Wriezener Park into an attractive urban instrument.
Brightly coloured cone-shaped plastic buckets cover the outer sides of the 6-meter high fence of the sports court. From the traffic loaded Warschauer Brücke the installation will be a strong landmark. The installation will be clearly visible from Warschauer Brücke as a bright and playful and partially see-through element amongst the abundant trees of the park.
During a game of basketball or football, the cones will amplify the sound of the impact of a ball against the steel fence. The frequency and intensity will vary according to where the ball hits the fence and how hard one kicks it. The players play both sport and sounds.
For the Tuned City festival, a game of hockey at the Wriezener Park sports court will serve as a live performance of sport and sound art. And you can also play! Check pictures from the exhibition on 4th and 5th of July 2008 here.



Valeria Merlini / Marc P. Gabriel / Alicia Argüelles Garcia / Nicolas Aracena / Hannah Logan


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